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What Is The Best Filler for Cheek Augmentation?

When opting for facial fillers, choosing hyaluronic acid injections is always a wise decision. This is due to its natural occurrence in the body and its proven safety for patients. Among the variety of filler brands available, Restylane stands out as a top choice, particularly for anti-aging treatments, delivering remarkable results. Specifically addressing volume loss in the cheeks, Restylane injections excel.

So, which Restylane filler is best for cheek augmentation treatments? Restylane Lyft emerges as a premier FDA-approved dermal filler for augmenting and adding volume to the cheeks. However, for those seeking to redefine and enhance midface contours, Restylane Contour proves to be an excellent choice, accentuating cheekbones for a rejuvenated appearance.

Which Restylane Filler: Lyft or Contour Is Best For Cheek Augmentation?

Restylane Lyft:

  • For achieving a non-surgical cheek lift and enhancing wrinkles around the cheek area: Restylane Lyft is a better dermal filler option if you want to add volume to improve the plumpness of your cheeks. Restylane Lyft could also be administered to target  the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles and fine lines around the midface, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines. 

Restylane Contour:

  • For enhancing contour and restoring cheek support for a naturally-refreshed cheek appearance: Restylane Contour is specially designed for cheek rejuvenation and it addresses all concerns related to the midface including sagging and flat cheeks, low cheekbones, and weak cheek contour. 

Restylane vs Juvéderm Fillers for Cheeks

Apart from Restylane fillers, Juvéderm presents another line of hyaluronic acid filler injections commonly employed for cheek augmentation. Despite both being derived from hyaluronic acid, these two types of cheek fillers can be discerned by their distinct concentrations of HA and the viscosity of their gel formulations.

Other Restylane Products for Facial Rejuvenation

To provide patients with cosmetic injectable options for their different skin concerns, Restylane has come up with a whole line of dermal filler injectables that serve different treatment purposes. Here are the other Restylane products that you may consider getting:

  • Restylane – this classic Restylane formula is used for moderate to deep facial wrinkles, fine lines, and tear trough treatment 

  • Restylane Silk – this is created for lip enhancement and correction of wrinkles surrounding the mouth

  • Restylane Kysse – this dermal filler is designed for lip plumping and enhancement of lip lines and upper lip wrinkles 

  • Restylane Refyne – this is created for the treatment of facial folds around the nose and mouth such as the nasolabial folds and laugh lines 

  • Restylane Defyne – this dermal filler is also intended for moderate to severe facial lines and improvement of chin profile   

Full and high cheeks are a hallmark of beauty, and a facial rejuvenation experience wouldn’t be complete without getting cheek fillers. Here at Lotus Wellness and Medspa, we offer high-quality Restylane dermal fillers and other injectables to help you restore your youthful appearance.

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